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Billionaire beggar widow has 16 kids and 12 dogs

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Apologies to any Mary Smiths.
This activity comes from a French Immersion teacher who pulled it from her "Magic Duck.
Similar to a chain story, this practices introductions and personal descriptions.

Choose the categories you want students to describe, always starting with their own name. Write them on the board.
Examples include age, marital status, children, pets, occupation, living arrangements, favourite items and dislikes, political affiliation (teacher's discretion!!) etc.

Each student writes point form information, to keep it moving quickly, then folds the paper over. Explain this bit carefully.
A major pitfall is that people write the information they think is "correct", and will try to count back to see who the paper came from. Do a few wild examples on the board to give them an idea.

After going through however many steps, the paper is unfolded and the student must form grammatically correct sentences. The difficulty level can be adjusted for your class.

The results are usually amusing, and it works better if you count off to make sure that students don't get their own paper.

You can also use the character created for a story, or have advanced students create a story to explain how the beggar became a billionaire.

Mel Aird

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