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I am an ALT in Japan and teaching at a technical high school. It is like pulling teeth to get the kids to talk so this is just the game to get them started. Your first step is to make a number of cards with various movie stars and such, add in a few local country celebrities as well if possible. Put in their name, age, residence, likes dislikes. You can make them up if you have to but some accurate information would be good. From there you distribute the cards and go over the language necessary to complete the self introduction. I.E. Hello, my name is ________ . I am __________ years old. I live in __________. I like ___________. I dont like_____________. Have the kids go around introducing themselves and have them switch cards every few minutes. You should go around and quiz them to keep things progressing. From there you take your cd player and explain that you will toss a ball or stuffed animal around the room. The smaller the better and shot puts and tire irons are not a good idea. Explain that when the music stops, the person holding the item will have to go to the front and use the card to do a self introduction. Add questions to a box and pick students at random to pull a question out of the box and answer it. This forces the students to listen carefully to what the person has to say. Works very well in low level classes and where students are very shy about talking.
From there you can progress with the next lesson about having the students write their own self introduction and have it be a little more complicated.

Any ideas or modifications would be great for me to know as well. Email me at [email protected]

Murray Davidson

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