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I teach in Japan-I start my days working with kindergarten and elementary students, then rush home for private tutors with ages up to 65, as well as weekly adult conversation classes. I often find that the Japanese are shy to speak so I need new and exciting ways to hear their voices!

This is a simple to make/do game that works great with intermediate/advance levels in small group settings, especially one on one tutoring.

You will need to make a game board with a start and finish. In each of the boxes leading up to the "finish" you write a topic/opinon/question. For game pieces I usually use money, and you will need a die to determine how many spaces to move. I usually encourage 3 sentences per topic/question. Example questions/topics are: Who is your favorite person, What are you scared of, What makes you angry/happy, What is your greatest accomplishment, Tell me about your best friend/family, What would you do if you were prime minister. Also include "free" spaces-they are usually very excited to not have a speaking turn.

I was really surprised how much my students enjoyed this game, and I was told the students don`t often get asked of their opinons so they enjoyed the challenge-even in English! Variations can be made to review past lessons, have fun with it.

I am usually not at a loss for ideas for my private lessons and adults, but would love to exchange some ideas/lesson plans for Kindergarten students (other than the usual kuruta, fruit basket)
Please e-mail me with comments

Cheryl Elting
[email protected]

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