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Stu's Intro to charitable work

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If you're looking to add something meaningful and current to your lessons here's an idea that came to me when I was asked to train some teachers at state schools in Portugal.

First you need info from various charities. Most are very willing to provide free information, but our school has now joined Amnesty International and Greenpeace and we're going to use the various campaigns as project work. Varying for all levels.

When you have 3 or 4 charities you can write the names on a small piece of paper and fold them up. Divide your class into however many charities you have, then get them to pick one. Each team then has to look through the information and come up with a presentation. The idea is that they sell their charity to the rest of the class. It helps to brainstorm ideas of what info we need first. At the end take a vote to see which charity/presentation wins.

To my surprise the Vegetarian Society won my first attempt. In Portugal!!! Proving anything is possible! This works best at lower-Intermediate or higher due to the difficulty of the information.

Stuart Brunning
Escola Inglesa, S Joao da Madeira, Portugal

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