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Question Race

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This activity enhances comprehension/production of question & answer formation, using correct word order, esp. in complicated situations, such as the Present Perfect Progressive ("How long have you been living in Chicago? I have been living here for 3 years.)
On the chalkboard, draw your grid, showing 4 TEAMS down the side, and perhaps two or three heads on top, e.g., YES/NO QUESTIONS & ANSWERS, WH-QUESTIONS & ANSWERS, etc. Pass out different colored 3X5" cards. Tear off strips of masking tape and array them on the bottom of the chalkboard. Instruct students to get into groups, and create as many cards as possible, striving for one correctly-formed English question and answer per card.
One person will be the team captain (usually the smarter one!) and one person will be designated runner. The captain assembles the 3X5" cards and checks them and sorts them. He hands them to the runner, who runs to the board, and tapes the cards in their appropriate grid location. This is a times race, but it's also possible that quantity does NOT equal quality.
The teacher is final arbiter of correct/incorrect questions & answers. Apply tick (check) marks next to the team names for each correct card. Perhaps give 1/2 point for a correctly formed question but incorrect answer. Perhaps you can award some prize of nominal value to the team. This works well in a beginning class, or low intermediate, where students' so-called, "affective filter," has not yet kicked in! They are still glad to show off their knowledge and compete with each other for a prize.

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