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The Apple game

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I formed a game out of the lesson plan provided by a speech teacher to help my student with pronounciation. Not only did my creativity form a fun game that suited this purpose but it also grew into an all around math, speaking, reading, and writing lesson that worked in ways that I wasn't prepared for. Basically I took a piece of construction paper and cut out nine apples all the same shape. I stuck the tops of the apples with glue stick and a piece of tape connecting them in a circle with the leaves. Underneath the apples I put things like, John and James ate a jar fo jelly beans, (what did John and James eat?) I find that many ESL students have troubles with the English, g,j,c and s sounds. I took this into account and made more sentences with questions using those letters. I also put in a space reffering to pick a card. The cards asked questions about their family, having them write a story, about their favorite song, what they do before school every day, favorite color, asking them to draw pictures ect. Instead of using die I chose to make one of those 'fortune teller' things out of paper that I learned to do when I was about 12. This works also to teach kids how to make them. I used colors and had the student say stop then pick a color. Under the color was a counting excersize, for ex. counting the apples or to make it more difficult, 100, 99, 9_, 97. The student then uses their game piece, I took a picture off of my computer of a bus and backed it with cardboard and had my student write their name on it, you can use anything though. I recommend using something they can personalize. This game can be played with a group or with just one student. You can constantly reuse the game also by making new cards every time and changing the sentences. Laura Kazi Oswego, NY

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