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Hi! This one needs a bit of preparation on your part, but it's worth it. If your kids classes are a little bit unruly, then try giving them a passport.
Make a little booklet with about 10 A4 pages folded in half and attached securely together. On each page, draw a square, and below the square, leave a space for the name of the country visited. On the front page, photocopy your own passport cover and then write the student's name. You will also need a set of stickers with different countries written on them, enough for each student.
Every time students do something really good, like listen to each other, speak English instead of L1, learn their verbs or tidy up the classroom at the end of a lesson, make a note of who they are, and give them a country sticker at the end of the lesson.
Happy travelling!

Claire Powell
[email protected]

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