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Bored Boggle

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Do any of you remember that old shaking game called boggle? This is a game that desperation forced on me two years ago while I was in Korea for the second time and I used it just the other day and found it still works. Imagine my surprise. What you need is a board, two teams, and some way to choose a random selection of letters. I first used a set of flashcards picked by the students. You may have to cheat and make sure enough vowels get put into the game but hey what is teaching for if not cheating? Get the students to select the letters and write them on the board. Break the class into two teams. Assign a point system based on the length of the words they can spell using the selected letters. Depending on the level of the class you may want to make three or even four letter words no good. I use 1 point for 3 and 4 letter words, 2 for five letter words and 3 for 6 or more. I have given bonus points for a really long word (like the 12 letter word just the other day). The teams take turn spelling words. A wrong spelling or a duplicate word and the team looses its turn. Sometimes I get the teams to use the word in a sentence just to make sure that they know the meaning. I find this is a great game just before or after a vocabulary test since it brings those words out of the woodwork.

-Robb in Seoul

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