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Nazo's Fat Man

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Hello Everybody,
Here is a quick vocabulary revision activity which can be done during a reading class. Coincidently, the reading lesson I did was on eating habits, but it can be adapted to any kind of text.
After I finished all the pre-reading and while-reading stages of that particular text, I drew a fat man on the board with a huge stomach. I wrote on board: Do you remember what Mr Fat ate for breakfast / lunch and dinner? Inside the stomach I had written only the first letters of the words. E.g: b_________(bacon) Students had to finish all the words within a timelimit.
This activity can be done after any kind of reading lesson as I said before with a little change of the question: What does Mr Fat take on holiday? (If the text is on holiday ).
Thank you. Hope you can use it.

Submitted by: Nazan Özcinar
Sabancı University FDP Department, Istanbul-TURKEY
E-mail: [email protected]

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