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I have used this easy game with several of my private tutorees, from a primary two student to a doctor who's now studying in the United States. To break the ice and allow you to get to know each other, give the student ten pieces of paper. Tell them to write down ten questions, one on each paper. They can ask anything they want. You should do the same, write ten questions but try and make them quite unique so that you won't repeat those the student asks. When you are finished mix up the questions and line them up on a table between you. USe a game piece to identify yourself and your student and flip a coin. Move one space for heads, two for tails. Take turns asking the other person the question as you move along. Move backwards for an incorrect answer or forward for a correct one. This game can be played with more than one student but it works well for breaking the ice and allowing you and your student to know a little about each other. Good luck!

Hannah Stark
Bangkok, Thailand

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