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One Day In My City

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This speaking activity works best in multi-lingual classes. The introduction is "One day in ....."
(The current city that you study in goes here) and the students work in pairs and create an
itinerary for a whole day. This is from 9am until 9pm and they are told that they have a hire car
with a full tank of petrol. They also have $25 each to spend. This usually doesn't take too long,
maybe 20-30 minutes.

From this activity you can introduce the main one. This is "One Day in My City" and students
have to create an itinerary for the other students as if spending 12 hours in their own city. They
must take into consideration the nationalities of the other students, the allotted time (incl. travel
time) and a budget (if you wish to give one!). They then spend some time (using the internet,
encyclopedia or their own general knowledge) preparing their work for a 3-5 minute presentation.
The presentation should not just include an intinerary but some historical or cultural background
too. I gave them some class time but also some homework.

Before the presentation they are given time to goes through their work with other students to gain
a little confidence and to check for errors. Then each presentation is given with a chance for
questions at the end. Students take a sense of pride in presenting their home town or city and
many students bring in pictures, postcards, etc (one even bought in a piranha from his Brazilian
home!). The other students loved the opportunity to share cultures and learnt presentation skills
along the way!

Zoe Macfarlane, Sydney, Australia

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