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Plasic Cup Pyramid

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This ice breaker is good for building teamwork. I used it in my University class. This works well for adult students and should work as well with younger students possibly down to fourth grade.

Rubber bands
String peices-4 (12+/- inch peices for each rubber band)
10 Plastic drinking cups for each group

Tie the strings to rubber band at equal intervals
(one string per group member)
Place cups and rubber bands on tables
Seperate the class into groups of 4 members

Group members (one to each string) must pick up plastic cups one-by-one by pulling the strings to stretch rubber band, and stack them in a pyramid with a four cup base. Group members must work together to build the pyramid. The first group to complete the pyramid gets a prize. If you use this for younger students let me know how it works.
Have fun.

Redlands, California
[email protected]

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