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Maximizing the potential of video in the classroom

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Maximizing the Potential of Video in the Classroom

By: Christine Canning-Wilson,
Center for Excellence in Research and Training,
Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi

Email: [email protected]

Research has shown that video is most effective when it is shown for not more than 10 minutes at a time and can show an educaional relationship to the material being learned in class.
However, the same ten minute video clip could be exploited in the following ways:

1. Turn off the sound, and ask the students to first watch and guess the dialogue based on paralinguistic cues such as gestures.
Next, ask students to look at the shape of the mouth and to guess different dialogues that could be being discussed. Next, ask the students to record the conversations.
Ask them to underline any similar statements in their papers from what they hear when you play the video again with sound.

2. Create an activity using a clozed exercise.

3. type out the dialogue. Ask half the class to read it and the other half of the class to watch it. Put a reader with a listener and ask them without notes to reconstruct the dialogue

4. Ask students to write down key concepts from what they hear. Ask them to create a question for each key concept. Next, put the questions on the board and ask the students to listen again and write the answers on a piece of paper.

5. Listen to the video without looking at the picture. Record as much information as possible. Next, ask students to imagine what the scene looks like that goes with the dialogue they have recorded. Show students the video to see the similarities and differences. Discuss when finished.

I hope these short ideas, help you in the classroom

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