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How many words do you know?

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This game is good as a warm-up activity. It can help students to think back of the words they have already known. The goal for the participating students are to write and say words correctly and do it as fast as possible, so their team will have longer wordlist and better chance to win the game.
You need a stack of poker cards for keeping score in this activity. Divide your students into two teams and divide your blackboard into two halves, too. The members of each team take turns to write a word on the board and say it out. Two teams can write and say a word at the wame time. Therefore, you may find a little chaos in your class. A word can only be used in each team for once, but it is Ok the the same word appear on the word lists of both teams. Therefore, you have to keep an eye on you students' lists and listen to their pronunciation of the words. When a student spells a word and pronounces it correctly, s/he is allow to draw a card to score for her/his team ( Ace stands for 1 point, while J, Q, K represent for 11, 12 and 13). The activity ends when the poker cards are finished, and the two teams start to calculate total points they have scored. The team that has the higher score wins the game.
If you have a lower level class, you can allow your students to have textbook/notebook with them while writing. HOwever, if your students are at a higher level, you can adjust this activity by restricting the books for set limit on the minimum number of letters for each word.
I use the activity very often and I like the effect it has on my class. Try and see if you like it or not. Welcome to discuss your opinon with me!

Cathy Kuo
[email protected]

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