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Hi again! I teach the ESL Literacy class at the Fremont Adult School in Fremont, California. Here's a GREAT game to review the week's vocabulary- Group BINGO! First, break your class up into groups of 4-5 students per group. You can do this by alpha order of name, height, age, etc. Hand out one very LARGE sheet of paper to each group. Instruct them to fold their sheets into 16 boxes. Now give out a colored marker to each group. Make sure each group gets a different colored marker! Write one word at a time on the board for the groups to copy- they write the vocabulary in any box they want on their large sheet of paper- this way each group has created a different bingo sheet. Use vocab from the week- maybe food, body parts, housing, etc. Continue writing the vocab on the board until all 16 boxes are filled. Make sure everyone in each group gets a chance to write- no hogging the marker! Now, the BINGO can begin. Explain that for the first game of bingo, the students should "circle" the word on their sheets when they hear it. Call out words randomly from your list and make sure to make a circle mark next to the words that you have called. When a group has 4 circled words in a row, they win. Now, have groups exchange papers! For the second bingo game, they'll mark their sheets with an "X." What's great about this is now the students are looking at a different bingo sheet. The words are in a different order from the sheet they made and the handwriting is different as well. Call out the words randomly, this time marking the words on your list with an "x." When a group has 4 words in a row marked with an "X", they win. That's why the different colored markers are important- the colored markers will make it easier for the groups to see their "Xs" and "Os." After a group has bingo, exchange the papers again- so each group has a different sheet again. This time, tell students to mark their boxes with a "triangle." Call out the vocabulary, making sure to mark the words on your list with a triangle. When a group has 4 triangles in a row, they win. I usually give out chocolate to the winners. This is a fun way to end the week. The students get very competitive- especially when the bingo sheet that they just traded with the group next to them wins!

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