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I used a modified version of the popular game show with an intermediate adult class, but I’m sure it could be used with almost any level or age group. The game was used as a wrap-up for lessons about holidays. Since I get so many good ideas from this site I thought I should pass it along.

Preparation: I made overheads of questions about holidays. I fit about ten questions on each page. Many of the questions were taken directly from a book called Talk About Trivia (Irene Schoenburg, Addison-Wesley). Each question had three possible answers.

The rules: The class is divided into two teams. One team begins by volunteering the first person to sit in the “hot seat”, which was placed between the two teams. The first question and multiple-choice answers are revealed. The teacher reads them to the players. The player in the chair has as much time as he/she needs to answer. The teammates may tell the ‘hot seat’ player what they believe the correct answer is. Eventually the player must choose one “final answer” to submit. If the answer is correct, the team receives a point. If the answer is not correct, no points are given. In either case, the other team sends a person to the ‘hot seat’ next. It should go back and forth like this until the questions, or the students, are exhausted. Each team member should have opportunities to sit in the ‘hot seat’. At the end of the game, the team with the most points may be given some sort of real, or silly prize. I made a giant check for a million dollars signed by me. (The game was a tie, so I gave each team half of the check!)

These rules keep everyone involved. Being able to rely on teammates for answers also relieves individual pressure to get a question right.

Other Ideas: I used this with trivia about American holidays. I imagine it could also be used with other content areas, or even grammar, depending on the level of the students.

Dan Bruski
Minneapolis, MN, USA

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