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This activity involves a little preparation on the teacher's part. First of all, the teacher needs to have a small amount of artistic ability...very small required. Anyhow, simply draw some pictures on a sheet of paper and label them respectively. Leave one space for the students to draw a picture for themself. Have the students get into small groups of two or three and write a story (anywhere from six sentences on) using the pictures provided, and the one they draw themself. The teacher should use pictures that can be used for a multiplicity of stories. For example, I gave my students a sheet of paper containing pictures of a chair, rabbit, grill, car, key, and one empty space. After the students are give ample time to write their stories, the teacher can have the students read their stories, and then help review them for errors and correct these in class. The stories can be funny, sad, bad, nice, or even bloody.-- It doesn't matter as long as they have fun and are learning!
Terry Hollowell
Gessie, Indiana

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