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Rachael's Crazy Casino Evaluation

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This is a little something I use on the first day of Advanced Intensive Writing...It's important to get a sample of the student's writing on the first day in order to make plans for the semester but I'm tired of simple questions about writing and learning English. I tried this last week and it went over FABULOUSLY. Start a small discussion to provoke vocabulary about gambling and casinos. (Tread lightly with some cultures) After enough vocab has been generated, present the writing topic. Have the students imagine they have been to a casino the night before class began and have lost all their money for tuition. Have them write a letter of persuasion to one of four people asking for money 1. The prime minister or president of the country 2. The leader of their home country 3. A friend or 4. The financial aid department of the school (Accountant if you don't have one) This activity is interesting and fun and generates plenty of conversation!

Ottawa, Canada

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