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tom cruise and bruce willis

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aims: Question practice (various tenses)
reading practice
writing practice

ask the students what they can tell you about the stars Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise. Ask them which star they would like to learn more about. Put them into two groups with equal numbers, based as far as possible on their preferences.

Ask both groups to write 10 - 12 questions containing things they'd like to know about their chosen star. (Check the questions).

The students now access the internet. Sitting them in pairs will allow them to help each other with any difficult vocabulary. It's a good idea to recommend sites that you've already checked out. These are the ones I recommended for my students:

bruce willis: the site (

about tom cruise (
IMDB: Tom Cruise (

the first Tom Cruise one is better than the second.

They try to find the answers to their questions. Tell them also to make a note of any facts that they think the other group might be interested in.

Writing task: students write an article about their chosen star. The article must contain 3 untrue 'facts'. Check the writing as it's being done (if its being done in class). When everyone's finished, they give their article to a student from the other group. Students must try to find the untrue 'facts' in the article they've been given. When they've all read the articles, they can check with the student who wrote the article to see if they guessed correctly what the untruths were.

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