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Barbie and Ken Havve Fun with Prepositions

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To work on prepositons with my adult Hispanic classes I bring in
one Ken and two Barbie dolls, a couple of doll-size chairs (if you
can find them) and a clear plastic shoe box. They are pleased to identify these American icons. I write the prepositions on the board and place the dolls in appropriate positions, i.e.:
"Barbie is in the chair" (sitting)
"Barbie is on the chair" (standing)
"Ken is beside Barbie"
"Barbie and Ken are under the table," and
"Ken is between the two Barbies" (Lucky Ken!)

The clear box is helpful for concepts such as "behind" and "under."
I pass the items around the room, asking "Where is Barbie?" and "Where
is Ken?" and they practice sentences with the proper prepositions.
I feared my students would find this childish, but they seem to love it. We have fun with the dolls, for example, "Barbie is on Juan's shoulder," or "Ken is in Esperanza's lap." Tattered clothes and frouzled hair only add to the fun!

Gayla Fitzpatrick, Atlanta, Georgia

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