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After students have played a variety of board games, such as Life, Monopoly, Scattergories, etc. they are placed in small groups to design their own games.

Why? Encourage quiet students to speak.
Allows students to use langauge to solve problems,
and achieve a group goal.
Can be used to re-enforce other units or vocab goals.

What do I need?

Half sheets of posterboard, magic markers, posterboard cut into blank cards, small gold spinner attachments.

Optional: oven-bake clay to make playing pieces with, small store-bought dice (about 25 cents each), magnet strips, word cards, picture cards, stencils, stickers, colored paper, play money

You can introduce the activity with a worksheet if you like. This way, students write down their ideas before they get in a group, to avoid the situation where one group member does nothing.

The worksheet might ask students to list their favorite game and explain why. Then, tell the students they will invent their own games. They must choose a goal for the game, or you can give them a general goal such as, "A Game to Help Learn English" "A travel game" "A money game" etc.

Students plan their games, make them and write the rules in English.
Then students trade games and try playing each others'.

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