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Your Keys Please

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Most adult students carry their keys around , either in their pockets or purses. For a spontaneous, lively activity, ask students to take out their keys and be ready to describe the keys on their chains. An amazing amount of language will be elicited by this simple activity. It also requires no preparation on the teacher's part. To maximize speaking time, do the activity in groups. Ask students to think about the reasons for and the meaning of their choice of keys. The absence of a particular key may also be significant. Have them describe their key chain as well. Often, they were gifts or momentos with an interesting story to them. They may carry sentimental or superstitious value. As a way of summing up the activity, the class could look for any emerging patterns about the key chains they carry around.
such as differences between men and women, married and single students, working or non-working students, etc.

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