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Verbal Charades

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I have had great luck with a simple game that you could call verbal charades. The best part of this game is that it is simple and uses no special materials. You write nouns on slips of paper. You put the slips of paper in a hat and each student takes one. The student then reads the word on the slip of paper and has to tell the other students what it is with out saying the word or using hand motions. The other students have to guess what the word it. For example if the word is horse the student might say "its an animal that you ride on". You might want to add the rule that they can not make descriptive noises (barking like a dog for the word dog kind of defeats the purpose). This is a great way to teach students that they don't need to be addicted to their dictionaries. A student can learn to talk around a word they don't know instead of always looking it up.
New Brunsiwck, New Jersey

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