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Now that i got your attention, this game has NOTHING to do with English or education, but your kids will think you are cool and fun and it's a good reward for those long classes:

Actually, this is two games: One is KEEP AWAY, the other is UP IN THE AIR, But both are ANTI-CLASS!!!!!
Equipment: a blow-up beach ball, if you can't get one then a balloon will do, ( anything light and won't damage anything,or anyone )a whistle or anything that will indicate the beginning and ending of a game.

The Rules: It's like volleyball, but everybody is on the same side: "If you keep it up in the air ( the ball can't touch the ground/floor) then we wont have class/homework, if it hits the ground/floor then we continue with class/give homework." If you want you can give three chances, make new rules, and/or a time limit, but that's up to you.
No spiking : overhand hits
No catching or holding the ball.
Your class size shouldn't be too big
WARNING: this game
should be used sparingly, and with caution.

I've done this mainly with high elementary/low junior high level and
they all seem to REALLY dig it. Even those classes that are full of troublemakers and students who hate English/school/you, bow down to
this game! hahahahaha! It's like a reverse psychology thing going on!

Keep away.
This is the game you played with your childhood geek. you and your friends would simply take the thing he or she wanted ( or didn't wan't you to have,) and kept passing /throwing it around no matter how hard he/she tried or cried to get it.
Equipment: anything ( preferably a ball that's soft) and a whistle
(or something that indicates the game has begun and is over)
Rules: "O.K. class if I (teacher) get the ball within x amount of time, you have a lot of homework. if not, then no/little homework. 1,2,3 go!"
Give the thing to a student and you ( the teacher) become the geek.
Be professional, don't put your heart and soul to get the ball! the kids will pass/throw around the ball and the teacher will "try" to get it.
BUT the kids wont let the teacher get it! DO YOU GET IT? these games work with almost everybody except adults and college students who will think you are very immature, stupid, and wasting their precious time and money. The rest will enjoy a little break from a 24 hr-we-never-close-education.
Note: Don't tell your boss or their parents about these games. These are once-in-a-great-while-I'm-caught-up-according-to-my-syllabus games.
david e. sitler
taiwan ROC
[email protected]

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