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Bob.Ponferrada, Spain
(might be a bit difficult with very large groups).
Divide group into two teams.
Draw a sextagonal honeycomb grid on the board, 5 across by 4 down (20 'windows' in total) this should take about 30 secs with a bit of practice!(horizontal sides up and down)
Now fill each window with a diferrent letter.Each letter represents the first letter of the answers to the questions you are going to ask.
The weakest team, or the team with the least players has to connect a window at the top to one at the bottom by answering correctly, and the other team has to block their path and connect right to left, also by answering questions.
You choose the first window. ask the question. If they know the answer they say 'beep' and slap their desk. Ask (who you thought was) the first person (no conferring). Correct?-that team gets the window and chooses the next letter. Incorrect?- question goes to the other team which gets the window if they can answer, and chooses the next letter.(indicate whose the windows are with a different colour or picture).
Some games can get very tense, when both teams are going for the same letter to make a connection.
This game is not only fun, but practises various question forms and a whole range of vocab. questions can range from beginners to high level.
some examples......
'What 'e' has got big ears in Africa and small ears in India?'
'What 's' do you do in a pool?'
'What 'a' is a contrasting conjunction?'
'What 'w' did a team do if they are the champions?'
'What 'b' do you go to for bread?'

Also, check the varios ways of asking for letters-
'Would you mind giving us the 'e' ?'
'I'd really appreciate the 'j'.'
'can I have a 'p',please?'

hope you like it.

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