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Go Fish

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This is a good game for numbers, letters, phonics and reading the letter sounds, reading words, pictures of things etc.
It goes like the regular go-fish. Make cards of anything you want to study in sets of four. Four "A"s, "B"s etc. Divide class into two teams and put up a barrier between them so they can't see each others` cards. Shuffle cards and pass out ten or so to each team. Then choose a team to be first to say a letter name etc. With phonics I have them say the letter sound, if they say the letter name they lose a turn. After they have said their letter or sound, the other team looks through their cards for that letter. If they have it they must give all of those cards to the first team. If not they say "Go-Fish" and the teacher gives one to three cards (depending on how many cards and how much time you have) to the first team. Now the second team gets their turn and so on. Once they have four of the same card they get one point. Have them set their points aside so as to not mix them with the other cards. They can't say the name of a letter they do not have!

Alaina Sato
Hokkaido, Japan

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