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Stepping Stones

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My kids beg to play this!

Line up cards of anything they have been studying; letters, numbers, fruit, animals..... I even work phonics into it by having them
say the sounds of letters. I am sure reading words would be fun too.
Each child has their own line of cards. Make sure each kid has the same amount of cards or you will regret it later!! They stand at one end of their row of cards and I sit at the other with a bag of cookies. I buy a big bag of small cookies, it lasts me for a few classes. Each kid then steps up to their first card and names whatever is on it. If the answer is correct give them a cookie on a paper towel at your end of the row. If they can't answer then have the other kids help or tell him/her the answer yourself. They must wait till their next turn to try again. Of course they don't get a cookie unless they answer correctly. The first kid to reach the end gets to eat their cookies first.
This works great for little ones with short attention spans. It seems to encourage them to focus without me begging for their attention. The cookies do it for me!

Alaina Sato
Hokkaido, Japan

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