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This is a really good way to get students speaking, and also get them to effectively learn idioms at the same time. In Japan, they have many equivelant phrases for English Idioms. What I do is to have the students pair up. After choosing a partner, one person in the pair closes his eyes while the other looks at the card that I am holding up. On the card is a Japanese idiom. The student who is the speaker this round, has to explain the meaning, usually they are very literal, in English and the partner must give the Japanese phrase. The first pair to give the answer gets a bonus point, a piece of candy, or anything suitable. After a few answers are given, I show the Japanese answer, and then flip the card over to reveal the English equivelant. The students really enjoy the opportunity to speak freely in English and also really try to be the first to get the answer. Works well at all levels of English speakers.

Sneha Channabasappa
Kwansei Gakuin Senior High School, Nishinomiya, Japan

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