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The Wonderful Game of "Would You?!"

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This is a game designed to practice the form and use of the second conditional and students' sense of the ridiculous! Split the class into groups and give each group five or six slips of paper, each with the word 'If', a large space and a prewritten 'main clause'.
If_________________________________, I'd kill it! or-
If_________________________________, I'd jump with joy!! etc
Get the students to write the 'If' clause on each slip (they should try to make it as difficult and ambiguous as possible for the other team). Then, the groups should cut the slips in half and present them to the other group all mixed up. The students then try to reorder the other group's conditionals, often with really funny results.
Good examples (from my own groups) include...
If Ricky Martin asked me to dinner, I wouldn't pay.
If I won the lottery, I'd sell my story to the newspapers.
If I found the man of my dreams, I'd dance with joy.
If pigs flew, I'd get married.
You can see the confusion this can cause!! Perhaps give the group a keyword like 'cat', 'husband' or a pop star to include in each phrase.

An extra is for each team to tell the other how many of the phrases they have wrong or right and the other group need to rethink their answers until they find the correct order.
Submitted by- Daniel Penn, International House, Prato, Italy.

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