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Nazo's Board Pelmanism

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For this game the whole class is involved. The steps of the game are as follows:
1- The teacher (T.) teaches 8 animal names, by miming, acting out and making the sounds as well.
2- The T. shows the pictures of those animals to the pupils and they repeat the animal names.
3- The T. sticks those 8 pictures on the board face down and writes numbers under them 1-8.
4- The T. shows the written cards of those animals and pupils mime the animal.
5- The T. sticks the written cards on the board face down and writes the letters a-h under the cards.
6- The class is divided into 2 groups and they play this memory game(pelmanism)by saying one numer and one letter (e.g: 3-h)
7- If the two cards (the picture and the written card) match, the group keeps the cards and may have another turn. If not, it's the other groups turn. The group with most cards is the winner.

Submitted by:
Nazan Özçınar
Hacettpe University
Email: [email protected]

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