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Nazo's Up, Up, Up Show

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This is a vocabulary revision activity.It can be done after some units from the coursebook are dealt with. The teacher chooses 15 words to be revised. The class is divided into groups of 4. Each group finds a group name. The teacher writes the group names on the board.e. Crazy Girls. Each group chooses a secretary. Each group is given a pile of scrap paper. The teacher has a microphone in her/his hand and starts by saying :"ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Nazo's Vocabulary Show. Today, we have 6 groups and they are..."
The teacher starts the show by giving definitions to the words s/he wants to be revised. e. This is something which is used for cutting wood. The groups try to find the word and the secretaries write "axe". When the teachers tells them Up,up,up, secretaries have to raise their cards. Each correct word is 10 points, spelling mistake 5 points.
This is a very practical game for revising vocabulary and it takes only 15 minutes, so can be played at the end of any lesson.

Nazan Özçınar
Hacettepe University
Email: [email protected]

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