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Scrambled Eggs

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This is a speaking game my students love. Another teacher gave me the idea and it workes well with any age level. First tell the students you are labeling 3 lucky chairs on your seating chart. Tell the students if they land in one of those seats at the end of the game they receive a prize(candy, homework pass).I begin by selecting a student to start. That student must get out of his or her seat and approach another student and start a dialogue. It works well for greetings. For example the students use hello,good morning, good afternoon, How are You? Fine. Bad. Goodbye. etc. After the conversation is over the student who began sits in the seat of the child he/she approached. Now that student is out of a seat and must start a conversation with another student.This continues until everyone is in a new seat. I then reveal the winners and hand out the prizes. The kids love this and it gets them talking.

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