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Go Fish!

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This variation on the game "Go Fish" is to teach/review the grammar point "Have you/Have you ever~?" Make up sixteen sentences, "I have been to Paris." "I have met Bill Clinton." Make four cards for each sentence, as a hint you can put the prompt "Have you?" or "Have you ever?" at the top of the cards. If you have a lot of time, you can put pictures too. Right, now you have a deck of cards, you can play "Go Fish". In groups of four or five, deal out seven cards each, the rest go in the middle as the pond. Students pick out any matching cards they have to make pairs, then begin playing, asking each other, "Have you ever~?" in order to make more pairs. If the person they ask has that card, they respond, "Yes, I have." If not, "No, I haven't. Go fish." The person, "fishes" out a card from the "pond".

The first person to make pairs of all their cards, wins!

Alana Davis
Ottawa, CN
Location: Akita, Japan

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