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Barenaked Ladies can teach -ing

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The purpose of this activity is to introduce, or reinforce, the present progressive form of verbs. I have to give the Japanese teacher I work with credit for the original idea. After introducing the class to making the present progressive form, we showed a music video (BNL) and paused at different points, asking the class, "What is he/she doing now?" The students answered orally with the appropriate verb. The next day we taught how to spell words using "ing" and showed another music video. This time the students had to write the verbs on a sheet of paper in answer to the question, "What is she/he doing now?" Finally, as a review, we showed another music video, this time adding pronouns, so the students had to answer in full sentences, "He is singing", "They are dancing". Very simple, but the students were totally engaged.

Alana Davis
Ottawa, CN
Akita, Japan

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