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Grammer Baseball

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Ages: Elementary to Junior High
Materials: Magnets, vocab or number cards (cards for elem school only)
Time: up to 60 min (includes some time to review vocab)

Divide the class into two teams. One team is the batting team, the other pitching.

Draw a baseball field on the blackboard. Use magnets for players.

Have one player from each team (batter and pitcher) come to the front.

Show the pair a vocab word that they must say.

If the pitcher says the word first, this counts as one out. After three outs, batting team changes to pitching and pitching team switches to batting.

If the batter says the word first, (s)he may move his/her magnet around the bases. Simple vocab (ie numbers 1-10 or alphabet) count as a 1 base hit. More complex words (ie 11-99+, Hello, Good-bye) are two base hits, and phrases (How are you?, My name is~) are a three base hit. For a homerun, students must say all the complex phrases without help from their team. I show the kids the vocab words in their native language and they must say it in English.

Junior High:

I say the vocab word and they must spell it (written works best).

Again, one out if the pitcher is first.

For the batter, it's a one base hit if (s)he need the team's help to spell the word. If (s)he can spell the word without help, that's a 2 base hit. If the batter is first to spell the word, (s)he can gain an extra base by speaking the word in a sentence.

That's it. Once the game gets rolling, it works really well.

I'd love to know other people's and classes response to this game. If you use it, drop me a line and let me know how it went.

Good Luck,
Clarence [email protected]
Tochigi Japan

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