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Sometimes when I am pressed for time or have to do a substitute for another teacher I find that this quick activity works at all esl levels. It seems such a simple idea, but I can really fill a whole hour or more with this one.

-have students break into groups
-ask them to finish the following sentence with at least x number of ideas (usually two ideas per person is a good number)
-each student in the group must have a different answer from the others in the same group.

If I were poor, I could not ...
Instead, maybe I could . . .

(Give the following as an example, or they will be lost):

If I were poor, I could not travel around the world.

Instead, maybe I could watch the Discovery Channel, or read a National Geographic magazine.

Students will have a few humorous ideas, and as you review and comment on the ideas as a class, add some humor yourself.

If you need a little more time add this line

If I were rich I would . . .

Ok, when in a jam, I hope this helps you out.
Carl Ray
Arkansan in Taiwan

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