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who killed the foriegn teacher?

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I chanced across this game to fill the dull final fifteen minutes of a class. I ended up staying for an extra 30 minutes. I'ts simple and begins with the description of a random crime having taken place. (the murder of the teacher is one they find funny and allows for you to looked shocked, concerned etc. later on if the students fail to convict the criminals.) After you have described the crime in some detail to the class (time, place, motive, weapon etc.) you send two students out. You then explain to the class they must interogate their classmates one by one as to their whereabouts and actions on the evening. Their goal is to find 3 discrepancies in the defendants stories at which time they can convict. Take time also to go out of the class and explain to the 2 students that they must concoct allibi for each other. You may want to give them some ideas of the questions which will be asked in order to get the game of to a smooth start.
They may find it difficult for the first minute or so but you can write the information on the board as reminders of what the student has said and before long you'll have a riot of English speaking students laughing, shouting and having fun.
Neil Christie
Shijiazhuang, China
[email protected]

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