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What to stand for? (debate)

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If you've had problems trying to have your ss talk, this activity may give you the solution for them.

Prepare some index cards (before class) with some controversial questions on them such as "should gay couples be allowed to raise children?" or "should women do the military service?" , etc and two that say "agree" and "disagree".
The thing is that you aren't gonna just ask the questions and see who thinks what. ... here's where the fun part begin... Get people into two different teams and tell them they're gonna debate on some topics you have prepared. Tell them also that they'll agree when you show them the "agree" card and disagree when you show them the opposite card which is fun 'cause it's very easy to stand for something you believe and not the other way around.
So, once you've told them that, explain they're gonna be speaking one at the time and once they've finished talking THEY'LL SELECT THE NEXT PERSON FROM THE OTHER TEAM WHO'S GONNA CONTINUE TALKING (stating the opposite of course)... oral production to the max!!!!! everybody gets to participate and use their critical thinking in english and sometimes you can also reverse roles while they're talking, this means, while they're defending their position on something you just show them the "disagree" card and inmediately they'll have to change their statement saying the opposite.

Have fun and send me an e-mail if it worked for you.

Jorge Ruiz
EFL Teacher
Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
[email protected]

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