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This is a graduation Lesson about the future. At graduation time, students are no longer thinking in the Present. They are either thinking of the past year or more likely of the FUTURE. It is with this in mind that I designed this lesson on understanding the difference between the terms, I PLAN TO and I AM GOING TO...

I start off the lesson by drawing a side profile of a head and an empty brain. I then begin cutting it up into different categories that I think about. The size of the topic is in direct relation to its importance in my life. I try to make it funny and meaningful to my students by including topics like GIRLS(BIG CATEGORY) or WORK(SMALL CATEGORY). I give them a sheet with the same side profile for them to cut up to reflect their lives. GIVE THEM TIME TO DO THIS. THIS IS NOT EASY IF THEY ARE TAKING IT SERIOUSLY.

After I write on the board "I am going to eat dinner tonight.
I Plan to eat dinner at an Italian restaurant tonight."
I ask them what the difference is. We establish that it is a difference in probability and then I come up with other examples in which the students vote by a show of hands to decide which should be used, Plan or Going to.
Students then use the information on their profile to make a couple of sentences for each.
After, I call them up one by one, like a graduation ceremony to receive a certificate that I made for them which was signed by the principal and I to mark that they have successfully completed that level of English. When they come up, they are to say what they are going to do and plan to do. They are not allowed to bring their papers with them.
This lesson gets emotional and requires little in the way of materials. Try to adjust your time schedual to allow for enough time for each student to receive praise and say their statements without rushing.

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