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The 10 Commandments of the Classroom

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The Ten Commandments of the Classroom

By: Christine M. Canning-Wilson, UAE University
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In my opinion there are 10 Commandments for practitioners to follow in the classroom:

1. Never pre-judge anyone
2. Never comment about a student to another student or teacher
3. Listen and be open-minded
4. Don't bring your personal life into the classroom
5. If you get kicked, don't kick the dog. This means if the administration makes you angry do not take it out on the students.
6. Never loose your cool and get angry. Walk away from the situation until you can deal with it in a reasonable manner which won't embarrass you professionally
7. Never put things in writing that you may regret later and never say anything unless you are willing to be quoted later
8. Keep accurate records. Grade in the most objective manner possible. Always be upfront on grades and how you achieved the results of their average.
9. Never share too much information about yourself with your students, administrators or colleagues. Sometimes minor conversations can come back to haunt you or may be distorted out of context.
10. Be prepared. Remember, the students may be bored or not learning because you have not structured a lesson properly. I urge unseen observations where you evaluate yourself, peer observations, and repeated feedback sheets from students.

* The author is a supervisor of student support services in the UGRU Unit of United Arab Emirates University. She has published over 54 articles in top newsletters, journals and proceedings. Currently, she is the Chairperson of the TESOL Arabia 2000 Conference.

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