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The 'Beep' game

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With this type of game (which I call 'elimination' game)you can practice all kind of things since vocabulary you introduce until you run out of imagination.
Have students sit forming a semi-circle and ask them if they can count from 1 to 20, of course they'll answer they can specially if it's an advanced course.
Tell them this game is about counting but in this case, the number 3, multiples of 3 (6,9,12,15,etc)and any number containing '3' such as 13,23,etc is completely eliminated, you have to say 'BEEP'instead.
Play a practice game first. Start pointing people in order from left to right e.i. 1,2,beep,4,5,beep, seven...etc
Now tell them the game is about to begin. You are going to start pointing at people at random and whoever says the forbidden numbers, hesitates or stutters automatically loses.
The person who gets to lose answers a question, performs a command, carries out a task or whatever you consider to be fun.
This is a very exciting game!!!

Jorge A. Ruiz
EFL Teacher Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico

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