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The Trial

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Well, this is a role play activity i've used and has worked pretty well for intermediate and advanced students which is called "The Trial".

Depending on the number of students you have assign them characters such as:
* The Plaintiff
* The Prosecutor
* The Defendant
* The Attorney
* The Juror or The Jury (1 or more)
* The Witness (1 or more)
As well as all the kind of people who could be involved in a crime or in the trial itself.

Take The Lawyers, plaitiff, defendant and witnesses out of the classroom and explain to them what the situation is (about the trial).
You can have trials on almost whatever thing like a stolen pizza, a person who drops a flower vase from the third floor of a building or any other thing.

Make sure you teach trial vocabulary such as:
oath,call to the stand, objection, overruled, sustain, i rest my case,your honor, etc...

It's so fun and sometimes when cases are very well developed by students, they don't even care about time.
you gotta try it!!!

e.i. 1 guy is suing a gun-maker company for having sold a bad quality riffle which he had tried to use. The guy states he got shot on a shoulder because of the condition of the gun.
***Important Note: when the guy was using the gun he was trying to robe a bank (this you tell only the witnesses, lawyers, defendant and plaintiff) clearly and logically this is not relevant to the case.

See how creative your students are!!!

Jorge A. Ruiz
EFL Teacher
Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
[email protected]

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