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Do you want a fun, challenging way to practice verbs? This is a game I borrowed from an improv acting class. I play it with children, but it can be played at any age or skill level. You need at least 2 people and the game can easily be played in teams. It goes like this: one person from each team comes to the front of the room. Player 1 begins to pantomime an action (i.e. brushing her teeth) and then Player 2 askes, "what are you doing?" Player 1 then has to say something that she is NOT doing at the same time that she continues to pantomime the original action. (i.e. she is pretending to brush her teeth and she says, "Im climbing a ladder") At this point Player 2 has to pantomime the action that Player 1 says (i.e. climbing a ladder) and player 1 will then ask, "What are you doing?". (Player 2, continuing to climb the ladder or whatever, might say "Im eating an ice cream cone" at which point Player 1 must begin that action) Play continues in this manner. This is supposed to be a rapidly paced game; teams are awarded points if the other team has too much hesitation, repeats an action, and (if you want to make it really hard), repeats a verb. You can play without keeping score, if one player makes a mistake or hesitates too long, they must give up their place to another player in the group or on their team. The kids I teach loved this game and we had a good time inventing crazy actions that the other person then had to do (i.e. Im riding on a dragon, Im eating worms, Im driving a race car, etc.) For a really advanced variation ask your class to give you a few letters before you begin. Then every action must begin with those letters (for example if the letters are "B" and "R" the action could be "buying a radio" or "baking a rabbit"). I play with the simpler version and we laugh a lot and the kids have fun coming up with creative answers and actively practicing different verbs.

Shayna Skolnik
[email protected]

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