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This is a variation of the well known name-chain, where the first student says his/her name, the second student has to repeat the previous name and add his/hers and so on till the teacher repeats all the names.
To make it more fun - it can be done with absolute beginners as well - the students not only say their names but have to add a movement.
My name is Tom. (he coughs a bit)
His name is Tom (cough) and my name is Joe (claps his hands).
His name is Tom (cough) your name is Joe (clap) and I'm Sue (she hits her face a bit).

This is fun if the students movements are strange - you may even let them think of it before start the game.

Finally the Teacher has to repeat all the names and movement preferably not in the seating order.

Follow up: The next lesson its enough just clap your hands and ask who it was to recall each others' names.

I hope it's fun for you as well.

Budapest / Hungary

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