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Uno variation: "My name's Yellow 4!"

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Uno Variation Game: (objective: to improve listening & speaking skills)

Deal each student a red, blue, yellow, and green Uno card. Hold the rest of the cards in the deck facedown, point to the top card and call out as if you're a traveling salesperson, "What color is this?", "What color is this?", "What color is this?" Explain to the students that they must guess the card's color and call it out as they throw down the card in their hand that represents the color they've called. Each student is permitted to throw down one card only. If two or more students guess and throw the same color card, the student with the quickest draw wins the throw. Once all four color cards have been thrown, show the top card in the deck and the student who threw the matching color card wins the top card. Do this 2 or 3 more times and then change the question to "What number is this?", but this time show the top card as you ask the question. Most students will (be conditioned to) yell out a color and those who do will have to give you one of the cards they've won. If no one calls the correct response, or if some students throw in a color card, then all or some students must hand over one card (if they have one to give) to the caller. Ask "What number is this?" 2 or 3 more times and then start adding in other questions (for example: "What time is it?", "What number is this?", What's my name?", "What number & color is this?", "Who likes purple eggs?", "What number is this?", "Do you take the bus or the train to school?"). Do this as you hide or show each card from the deck. As soon as the deck is exhausted and there are no more cards to call, ask the students to count the cards they've won. The student with the most cards gets to be the caller.

Okayama, Japan

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