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To practise adverbs with your class, write down some instructions on pieces of paper.

For example:

open the door slowly
drink a cup of tea nervously
clean the window happily
etc. etc. etc.

Ask a pupil to come to the front of the class and have this pupil mime the instruction written down on a piece of paper. You, as a teacher, hands the pupil that is going to mime the piece of paper and lets him or her read it (not aloud of course!). The other children in the classroom have to guess what the pupil is doing (what is he acting out???) and more important HOW is the pupil doing it????
Each time someone guesses it right, you write down on the blackboard what this pupil is doing and HOW. In this way, instruct them what adverbs are, how they are used, what they mean and their grammatical form.

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