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LOVE IS.... ANGER IS...... FRIENDSHIP.........

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I came across a poem called Love is.........

"Love is.....

Love is feeling cold in the back of vans
Love is a fanclub with only two fans
Love is walking holding paintstained hands
Love is....."

(for the complete poem send an e-mail!!!!)

Read the poem with your class and briefly discuss it (it's basically not about the content of the poem, but about the activity after reading this poem of course)

Tell them you are going to write a poem like this with the class.
You, as a teacher, start with writing the first line. Start with "Love is..." of course. Pass it around. Each student writes down one sentence, starting with "Love is....". After each student has written his or her line, read it aloud in class. You can also write poems like this with titles such as "Anger is..." "Friendship is....." "Jealousy is......".
Have them write their lines on coloured paper!!!!!!!!! You can display them on the wall!!!!!!!

However, make sure the children can work on other excersises while the paper is passed around.... See, if pupil no. 1 writes down his or her line, pupil no. 28 still has to wait long for him or her to write down his or her line!!!!!!!!

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