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This activity is very labor-intensive, but the teachers actual class time involvement is minimal. I bilingually taped a US TV show that is broadcast in Japan and then transcibed the English dialog. In class, I showed the Japanese version in its entirity so the students would have a complete understanding of what was going on. Then we watched the program bit by bit in English, combined with different activities to aid in remembering the slang, idioms, etc. After they understood the gist of the English, I then gave each student a rewritten copy of the episode. The new copy was in much easier English. Students then chose their favorite character, broke into groups and practiced reading the parts. We really had to work on how to put emotion into the voice. We then made an audion tape of the students reading the parts. It was played simultaneously with the muted video. What we ended up with was the show with the actual actors and the voices were those of the students. Again, very labor-intensive, good for higher ability students.

Wendy, Uenohara, Japan

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