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Gamze's Great "lose the card, win the game" Game

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Well I haven't tried this yet. But I feel it is something worth trying.This is something I believe I have "discovered", but who knows,someone else might have thought of this before.This is a kind of "bingo".It requires preparation beforehand.But you can use it as a vocabulary revision game.It may also be good for listening practice:
1.Make as many sentences as you can with the words you have taught before(not less than 20 if you have about 25 students in your class).Write them on a sheet.But don't write the words. I mean the sentences should have blanks.(this is your copy)
2.Write each word matching the sentences on seperate small cards
3.organize your students into groups of 4
4.give each group at least 5 word cards
5.explain what they are supposed to do the first sentence without reading the expected word
7.the students should listen to you and tell you the word matching the sentence
8.the group which has that word card "loses" its card
9.the first group "losing" all its cards is the winner

If I were you, I would cheat a bit.I would organize the cards beforehand to prevent the game from ending at the very beginning.I would give the first and the last words' cards to the same group.Otherwise they wouldn't listen!!
(Ps:What if the group which has the answer card can't realize it??Mmmm?Any suggestions?)
I hope it helps.Good luck

Gamze Avci
[email protected]

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