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I've learnt this from a friend whom I believe is great.Anyway...This is a revision activity. You could use this activity before an exam to revise the vocabulary taught before.First of all, you have to find 5 A-4 size pictures from magazines.The pictures shouldn't have any writing on.Then, draw a grid of 4 by 5(that makes 20 small squares)on a A-4 sheet.Make another copy like this.Prepare 20 sentences with blanks.These sentences must include the revised vocabulary.Then put each sentence in a square on the first gridded sheet.On the other gridded sheet put each word that must go into a blank into each square.In other words one sheet must include the sentences with blanks ,the other the answers i.e. the words.But be careful:if you write a sentence into the first square on the left top of sheet 1, its answer should be put into the fifth(i.e. the last) square on the right top of sheet 2.i.e. if the sentence order is as follows on the sheet 1
P,Q,R,S,T and if A matches 1, B matches 2, C matches 3 etc. then the word order on the sheet 2 must be as follows:
5 , 4, 3, 2, 1
10, 9, 8, 7, 6

I hope I make myself clear.Anyway ,after that, make 5 copies of each sheets you've prepared(of course if you have 20 students).now stick the vocabulary written sheets onto the back of the pictures you have cut from magazines.Be careful you should see the picture on one side and the words on the other side.Then cut them into small squares following the drawn lines.Remember to seperate each picture.Take them to the class. Have your students form groups of 4. Give each group one sentence sheet and one set of cut picture.Ask them not to look at the picture side but the word side.What they are supposed to is to read each sentence and find the matching word and put that bit onto the matching sentence.When they finish they can turn the slips upside down to see if the picture is correctly set.If yes, that means they have matched the words correctly.If you don't want to lose a lot of time on this ,you can say it is a competition.The first group correctly finishes is the winner!Of course you must give them a reward such as chocolate,stationary etc.This is fun.Students like it and they feel grateful, too!!!!


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